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Wesley Chapel Collaborative Divorce Attorneys

A fairly new concept known as “collaborative divorce,” is the process by which parties agree only to use negotiations to settle their divorce, rather than litigation and court-imposed orders. A method known as “interest-based negotiation” is used to reach agreements that focus on individual and mutual goals. During the process each spouse has their own specially trained and experienced collaborative divorce attorney to help work through the issues of divorce. The attorneys of Glenn Law Group, are collaboratively trained divorce attorneys and are fully capable to provide you with a detailed evaluation of your situation to determine if this is a viable method for your case.

Pros and Cons of Collaborative Divorce

Theoretically, collaborative divorce offers a good alternative to avoiding litigation during divorce, but the process is not exact, perfect, or by any means a guaranteed solution. Our firm of Wesley Chapel collaborative divorce lawyers will meet with you to discuss the value and the risks of this process. Here is an overview of things to keep in mind:


  • Private and confidential conversations and strategies with your own attorney
  • Opportunity to reach a respectful resolution with less damage to the relationship
  • Can be more cost-effective and efficient by avoiding litigation
  • Process is managed in the privacy of an office, rather than a public courtroom setting
  • Avoids a highly contentious divorce and the damaging effects to children
  • Mutually agreed upon professionals are involved to help provide a neutral opinion regarding finances and issues pertaining to the children


  • Negotiations can still be difficult and will require compromise by both parties
  • If no agreement is reached, then the parties may have to return to the litigation process

Divorce Attorneys with Your Best Interests at the Forefront

The collaborative divorce process requires the highly skilled legal expertise of Wesley Chapel collaborative divorce attorneys. When this concept works, it can help all family members, even extended family, move forward and focus on the future in a more positive way. However, our firm recognizes that no matter how you look at it, divorce and family law matters are not easy to resolve. We always maintain a strong commitment to the best interests of the client, no matter how tough the conversations and negotiations can be. Glenn Law Group, collaborative divorce lawyers in Wesley Chapel, FL, are interested in you and your case and are prepared to meet with you to discuss the collaborative divorce process.

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