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In Florida, there are state and federal laws and procedures that specifically pertain to military divorces. Additional steps are needed to finalize a divorce when one or both spouses are active duty military personnel, reservists, or in the National Guard. In addition to addressing all of the other issues of divorce, handling military retirement as marital property takes special expertise. If you or your spouse are a part of the military, contact Glenn Law Group, Wesley Chapel military divorce attorneys, to see that your interests are fully protected and ensure your divorce proceedings are conducted according to all of the state and federal requirements.

Overview of Filing for a Military Divorce in Florida

  • At least one of the parties must either be stationed in Florida or be a resident of Florida. Generally you must reside in Florida for at least six months to file a dissolution of marriage proceeding.
  • Divorce for military members is regulated by federal laws and by Florida Statute. Federal laws protect military members from civil procedures and default judgments when the member can’t respond to an action or attend a court hearing because they are away on active duty.
  • Florida is a no-fault divorce state. The only ground needed for ending a marriage is the irreparable breakdown of the marriage.
  • Florida state law is used to determine child and spousal support as well as time-sharing and the parenting plan arrangement. For military members, there are several other concerns such as timesharing while a parent is deployed or relocation upon further military orders.
  • The division of property in Florida is carried out according to equitable distribution.
  • Florida requires that divorce papers be served on a military member by a person officially authorized by law or appointed by the court. This can become a challenge if the member is located overseas, but is not required if that military member agrees to waive personal service.
  • Depending on the length of the marriage and active service period, a military member’s spouse may have some rights and benefits after divorce.

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If you are a military service member, or if you are married to one and have an issue involving any aspect of divorce, contact Glenn Law Group, today! By getting the best military divorce attorneys in Wesley Chapel, FL, you are on your way to reaching a more favorable outcome. We understand the complexities of military divorce as governed by State and Federal law. We are skilled at protecting the rights of military service members and/or their spouses, and work with our clients to find the solutions that are best for you and your family.

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