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Determining if Your Home is a Marital or Non-Marital Asset


Florida is an equitable distribution state, and only property that has been acquired during the course of the marriage is defined as marital property and subject to division following divorce. If one ... Read More

“Tis the Season to Get Engaged” – Why You Should be Considering a Prenuptial Agreement


With the month of December being one of the most popular times to get engaged, Glenn law Group, only finds it appropriate to touch on the importance of considering a Prenuptial Agreement. Too often by ... Read More

The Collaborative Divorce Method – Is it Right for You?


Collaborative Divorce has been a pioneering alternative to the adversarial divorce process for the last ten (10) years and offers clients a non-oppositional approach. By the time a client has decided ... Read More

Our Introduction


Most law students attending their graduation would never imagine opening their own practice within four years, but Danielle Glenn “Dani” and I knew by our 2L year that we would join forces and start i ... Read More

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